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four and a half hours before my dreaded bi-weekly, insufferable probing from either the crazy Italian, “donta worry itsa getting betta” or some pimple faced twerp sat behind a desk with his footballers tie on, signing on day is upon me!  The day where I can show them up the good old Job Centre how many jobs I have applied for and how many people haven’t responded to me.  It has gotten me thinking.
You remember the guy in the Shawshank Redemption, Brooks I think he was called. Fifty odd years behind the door and then he gets let out.  He writes the guys back in the clink that he’s tired of being constantly afraid – and then hangs himself.  The safest or best place he knew was where most people dread going.

I spent a loooong time in university.  I have had a few sabbaticals in that time, jaunts off to a foreign country to work.  I have been in or in between courses in university for so long that the world outside of university does not feel real anymore.  Now that I haven’t ever got to go back to university or school or study, I am stuck in a prison of reality, lost, not knowing what I am doing…  Bummer!


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