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So, after talking to a friend of mine the other day, I made it “more punchy”.  Edited it down from the twelve pages I had before to the now rather lonely two, creaking under the weight of high impact images and succinct punchy text.  Small gimmicky and manageable, bit like life in the modern age.  You know the kind you can print out double sided and fold up into a neat pamphlet for ease of exploration.  I mean are we really dumbing down that much?  Can someone really not handle more than two pages of information in one sitting?  Is that the benchmark of attention that possible employers have before they fall consumed by their comfy leather director’s chair into unimaginable boredom?  If that is the case, then we and (me in particular) are fucked…

(By the way, I didn’t use the book below)



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Boredom b’dum b’dum

What a track from one of my favourite bands of the late 70s. Pre-Shelley Buzzcocks, love this song, with Howard Devoto singing lead vocals b’dum b’dum. It got me thinking…

I have to say it is a defining thing when looking for someone to take you on as an employee.  Boredom, not the I haven’t got anything to do type of boredom, but the doing the same thing and not getting any results for it, type of boredom.  Spinning those tired yarns, about how good I am, how valuable I am (etc etc) in order to try and get someone to pick me. Trying not to be picked last. Things haven’t changed much from those school days on the knee grazingly shiny flecked concrete compound.  Everyone in a line – the two captains stood there, eyeing you up and down.  It doesn’t matter that one of them is your best mate (for that month at least), he still has pride and male competitiveness burning inside him, he still isn’t going to pick you first.

In my mind, the overwhelming concern was not to be chosen last – or even worse, be left over!  Is it a lack of ambition to not want to be picked first?  Can I blame myself for the thoughts at the back of my head today saying that I might not be good enough to be picked first?  Can it be as simple as that?  Will I have to turn myself in to the thing I abhorred the most as a child – the arm in the air when a teacher asks a question.  Face contorted in effort, buttocks raised ever so slightly out of the chair, weird vocalisations in order to be noticed by said teacher, to be chosen to answer whatever question may be asked.  Then when you are chosen to give the correct answer – that look of smugness to your colleagues in class.  Where everybody else just thinks c**t!

This is what it has come down to – where there is a surplus of supply, we the suppliers, are reduced to memories of being stood in that chilly playground to be chosen.  The wind whistling and blowing the leaves around you as you wait, wait for what feels like an eternity.  Would you be the left over one who against all odds becomes the hero for that break time.  Your fancy footwork winning the game thus improving your ranking next time when the torture of picking teams comes around again.  Or you have to become that c**t and they will love you, but you’re still a c**t…

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