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I am of course talking about Thierry Henry, Tiger Woods and Gillette. Yes folks, as news broke of Tiger crashing his car into a fire hydrant outside his house. Where his wife smashed in the rear window of his car with a golf club, in order to get the poor Mr. Woods out of the driver’s seat (I know, go figure and speculate – I encourage you!).  Thierry Henry was rubbing his hands with glee, “Brilliant!” he must have exclaimed “now Gillette will forget about me, no?!”  No!  As the image from The Spoiler would suggest!  Spot the Ball competition anyone?!

After, even I must admit, poor footballing skills from one of the world’s best players, he must have thought his advertising contracts would take a bit of a battering.  As a friend of mine told me, there was a row on Twitter of all places, where an employee of a London advertising agency stood up for the hand of frog against a rival and this had made it to all the way to a board meeting of the said parent company.  This is all pub talk though, who knows what’s true these days.  I know this is though…  ain’t looking too hot for Gillette’s (un)holy trinity.  Federer’s crash out of the nonsensical (in my opinion anyway) ATP World Tour Finals seems like a drop in the ocean compared to the storm created by both his brand mates.  Can things get any worse, after all bad things come in threes, don’t they?!  Even worse for Gillette, might Henry get a ban for the World Cup?  After as my old Mum says, there is no such thing as bad publicity…


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