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Time to kill…

Tiger Woods Phonecall REMIX – Hold Tight!!

Topical and In Effect!

I came across this on the Mad Decent Blog and thought this is jokes
– Is by Tasc on the Spaceballers blog here: Space Ballin and made me laugh…

Tiger, Tiger Fever – is getting infectious!!

Tasc-Tigers Transgression by Tasc

And for those of you prefer a slow jam, there’s this…


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One of the funniest things…

I think I read on Facebook, written by someone I know and not even intentionally funny, just my filthy mind!
“please don’t make me laugh-it hurts! although probably not as much as riding Warrior bareback!”

By the way the girl who wrote it is a horse rider and Warrior is a horse – at least I think he is… I hope he is!  Crikey!  Or it’s someone off of Gladiators!

It was followed up by this…

“next time try DJ in canter- bareback- great!”

Again DJ is a horse or else Westwood’s been getting about again – ohhhhh no!

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If you haven’t seen Lamebook already – this site is hilarious!  (Maybe I am not down with the kids enough and you all have seen this already).
It goes to show that, as a friend once said, that tools such as Facebook, lead to an inability to communicate in a REAL way or that think this virtual world of social networking is somehow completely unconnected to reality – BRILLIANT!! Or is it just dumb Americans?!  Some are barely literate – So, let’s poke fun at them like some kind of sideshow at Coney Island, after all other peoples’ ignorance/lameness that brightens up our days…  Amen to that!

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Is it just me or…

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