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Robin Hood Tax

I got sent this link about the Robin Hood Tax.

Great video – which invigorates you into thinking that the tax will do something about the money that was lent out of public coffers in the ‘great bail out’ of 2009 and will some way be seen to be paying it back in an incremental manner, which until now, a bean of which has not been seen! And will also to a degree make the exorbitant bonuses and wages, that they will yet again (Barclays!) pay out, a less bitter pill for the public to swallow.
What it gets me thinking about though is how the large banking conglomerates will try to wriggle out of it? The most glaringly obvious is that they will move operations abroad thus taking away revenue from our financial services market (which is all we are known for ‘producing’ now) into our economy and then all the money used to bail out banks, Barclays included, will have amounted to nothing and we might as well have pissed £37bn (or however large the incomprehensible figure was) up against the wall, while snorting coke off gold plated hookers’ arses!
You think that cohesive international policy would make such a tax internationally implementable? No – because no one trusts anybody else in this big old world and like in every free market, one will try to undercut the next. Therefore, though this would be an ideal solution to a public spending ‘black hole’ – it ain’t gonna happen guys…


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