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C*L*A*S*H – A Different Kind of Night Out

Well it is now time for me to broaden my horizons.  I have decided to enter the foray of promoting my own night (slightly nicking the idea of doing an iPod Battle).  Myself and three friends decided that after entering Peanut Butter Soundclash (we went out in the first round – but had loads of fun!) towards the end of last year, we would do one ourselves.  It is called C*L*A*S*H.  Nicking the format from the Official Redbull Soundclash (though ours is no way gonna be as big with the likes of Sinden, Girlcore, Shitting Fists etc etc).  We just thought it would be a bit of fun.  Get people involved in a night, where they decide who is the king of the MP3 player.

Finally, after much begging, cajoling, bribing and arse kissing we managed to fill our quota of eight teams to battle it out to be ‘Kings and/or Queens of C*L*A*S*H’.  We also found a larger than life host comedian, film maker, musician and performance poet- Big Rich.  We hope that it is going to be as fun as we intended it to be – I know, I know, it’s a school night, and yes you all have proper jobs to go to the next day!  We thought we would start small by having it upstairs at the Kings Cross Social Club – a pub run by lovely people who are giving us the venue for free.

Like most things like this it’ll be loads of work for very little ‘reward’, but the intention is to put a smile on peoples’ faces and produce a night of fun which it will be! (Reward enough methinks!)

If you fancy coming down and whooping at your faves and booing off the bad tunes, click the flyer below (FB link) and come join us!  (It’s FREE!)


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