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Happy New Year…

and all that bollocks.  Yes, I am my normal cheery self again!  TV is shitter than it was at Christmas.  The weather is shitter than it was at Christmas and everyone is more depressed than they were at Christmas.  Brilliant!

I got an interview at the Job(less) Centre this afternoon (oh the irony!), because I been out of work for three months now.  Wow, time flies when you’re having fun eh? It’ll probably go something like this:

Them: “Still unemployed?”

Me: “Yes.”

Etc etc.  I mean I could go on but it would be fucking boring and you will be bored a bit like me when I go in to see those people later on.  It is hard to see what purpose they serve to someone in my position.  Who advertises their vacancies at the Job Centre?  You can’t even get a shit job through the damn place.  Wetherspoons maybe would advertise there, what discernable skill is needed there?  The ability to stop alcoholic tramps if they get offended enough to get out their seats and attempt to create a commotion or mop up their piss when they left going to the disabled toilet too long.

I digress; the Job Centre does not have the skills or resources in order to find me a job, or anyone really for that matter.  I mean these are the people that can only listen to me dictate two numbers from my National Insurance number at a time, the one time I attempted three, we had to start the whole process again.  I should have learnt that through past experience – silly me!

Here’s to a less shit new year!


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